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When buying this set of Fostoria, the woman selling them told me to be very careful with them as her mother had them specially designed by Art Deco. I could not resist by replying: Mr. Art Deco, Personally?

The Missing Ladle

A Young Couple just moved in together, had her mother for dinner & when she left, they noticed the silver ladle missing. When asked if she had the ladle, she replied "I am not saying you two are sleeping together, but had she been sleeping in the room you showed me as hers, she would have found the ladle under her pillow!

Stopping at yard sales are a favorite pastime of ours, especially when looking at china and a seller tells you that her china set is "The Good Stuff" because she got it at "Service Merchandise!

A Gentleman came into our shop asking if we bought antique china, and told us that his mother left a set of "Walkie-Talkie China" - when he got there, we bought this set of NORITAKE!

We Get invited to peoples homes often to buy, and this one woman explained that her fathers house was a bit of a mess! This is what we walked into!

KNOWLEDGE! When I first got into this business, I thought I knew it all with my Kovels & Warmans Guides, now after 35 years experience, a vast library of hundreds of books & the entire internet at my fingertips, I realize I know nothing! Don't you wish you knew as much now as you did at 18?

One phone call we got was a woman explaining a set of china in perfect condition, with the exception of "One Small Chip in the Base of the Soup LATRINE"

Aren't you glad you were not invited to her home for dinner!

Educational Corner

When I purchased this

Schafer & Vater Vase, the gentleman who sold it explained it was made by the "Schafer INVADERS"

which was when the Americans Invaded Germany, like when we Occupied Japan!

At One Estate Sale, We were informed that the seller was offering REAL DEPRESSION GLASS, because if you ran you fingers around it, you could feel the depressions!